DSR Artists

Alison David

Alison started singing at an early age and hasn't looked back since.

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Diana Waite

Profile coming soon.

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Fresh 27

Fresh 27, or Martyn Thompson to his friends, is one of the rising stars of house music.

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Groove Invaderz

Groove Invaderz were formed in November 2004 by band members Jay 'Vegas' Forrester and Daryl Hughes. The guys are based in Wrexham, UK, a town noted for supplying successful house acts K-Klass and King Unique.

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Philip Campagna a.k.a. Groovepusher has been involved with the US hip hop and dance scenes for many years.

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Jupiter Ace

Gregory Ferguson aka Jupiter Ace is the most exciting dance producer to come out of Ireland in years.

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Layers Of Sound

North London based Mike Newstead, aka Layers of Sound, is an up-and-coming funky house producer and DJ starting to make a name for himself on the London scene for his original productions and a string of funky house DJ residencies.

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Brad Leisure & Trevor Groove became involved in music at an early age. They first met back in 1998, when the guys were DJing & hosting events both in London and beyond.

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Lil' Devious

Lil' Devious are no strangers to club land, having produced material spanning the last ten years for labels such as BMG, Records Of Interest, Oxyd, Ministry and Southern Fried to name but a few.

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Marque One

As one half of DSR, Mark Holliday aka Marque One (and also La Charca & Zorin) is a club DJ as well as a record producer.

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Simon Holliday aka Noiseburst is a relative newcomer to the dance music scene.

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Park Street

Park Street Productions formed early 2003 with one goal, to capture the original spirit of house music... soul!

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Robina is a professional singer/songwriter and is definitely no stranger to dancefloor success.

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Simon Grey

Hovering somewhere between syncopated rhythmic drive, rich analogue synth lines, hefty beats and lush jazz voicings, Simon Grey's musical style may be hard to pinpoint.

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Martyn Stonehouse aka Stoned loves music. That pretty much sums up this Chesterfield-based producer, who recently has now found a niche market with his trademark "big room" basslines and catchy melodies.

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